Rishit Bunkmakers not only design and manufacture each and every bunkhouse, but also provides crucial services like Rental and Buyback.

For those institutions, businesses and people, who require a bunkhouse temporarily, Rishit Rental Service is available to fulfill all their needs. The client can simply visit the office, choose his desired bunkhouse, determine timeline of requirement, finalize other details and the rental process is completed. It really is as simple as that – but only with Rishit Bunkmakers.

When the clients have fully enjoyed all premium services and facilities of any Rishit Bunkhouse, and their purpose is concluded, they can simply resell the bunkhouse to Rishit again, and attain a hefty proportion of their expense incurred at the time of purchasing.

Each Rishit Bunkhouse has a lifespan of minimum 25 years. The renting and buyback services of Rishit have been curated by keeping in mind the current environmental situation of the whole world, and this is one of our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.

The clients can simply rent any bunkhouse for any given period of time, or buy and sell back after their purpose is fulfilled, which is more cost effective and environmentally sound than constructing a temporary office.

Apart from these two premium services, maintenance and repair is also readily offered by Rishit to tweak and modify the bunkhouses as and when required.