Comparison – Bunkhouses and Beyond


Portable cabins and containers are well known amongst the masses, but bunkhouses are relatively new.

Ease of inhabiting Originally designed as vessels to shift goods in ships and in no sense habitable for humans. The process of creating a porta cabin is quite tedious and utilizes equal resources required to construct a permanent building. - Designed for humans ( Human centric approach to industrial spaces)
- No resources required at site, just lift and shift
- SKID Mounted units
- Height adjustable bunkhouses
Product value - Once utilized for human requirements, the containers loses core product value and start showing rust, and need high maintenance.
- Body cannot be repaired in case of accident
- Water accumulates in troughs of roof due to corrugation, resulting in rust
- Roof leaking is a common issue.
- The entire porta cabin has to be dismantled after manufacturing, and then assembled onsite.
- Once built and utilised, to shift to another location, another Porta cabin has to be dismantled
- Does not fit to its original size and dimensions when refitting, loses its original build quality.
- Often water leakages are shown
- Cost of refitting a porta cabin is nearly (Minimum) half the cost of new Porta cabin
- From hospital to kitchen, and everything in between, Rishit Bunkhouses are multi-faceted.
- Minimum Life span of 25 years
- Can be lifted with minimal resources
- No refitting is required.
Construction process A civil base plinth, foundation, wooden plank or cement cubes is required. Civil based construction/ foundation/ plinth has to be constructed to create the base for the porta cabin. No Civil base construction, no foundation, wooden plank, cement cubes required. All units are skid mounted units having height adjustable jacks with parking rest pads
Availability of product No new containers are available, only second hand containers are available in open market. - The user feedback and satisfaction is significantly lower, when compared to bunkhouses.
- Porta cabins are use and throw, not sustainable.
- No second hand buyers/ market.
- Available in desired requirements, customized according to the clients.
- Only fixed transportable sizes are available, interiors requirement can be customized as per lift and shift norms.
- We provide a buy back service for all our bunkhouses.
Risk of purchasing The risk of receiving fake or unregistered sea sailing shipping containers is very high, which can lead to international offence charges as these containers are shipped all across the world. No risk, but exposed wiring is one of the biggest hazards in all porta cabins. Their comparatively light structures are not safe during storms, heavy rains, etc. No risk at all
Interior space and mobility After the insulation process is completed, there is limited space inside the container and it can be shifted anywhere Portacabins are location specific, and can be shifted from one place to another, only after dismantling the whole structure, removing all furnitures, electrical wiring, connections, fittings and outer shell. - These bunkhouses can be transported easily, even to remote locations.
- Has more space than a container
- Premium interiors, Superior space management engineering
Size Fixed Sizes (20’x 8’x 8’H & 40’x 8’x 8’H or max 9’H ) Flexible sizes, but specific to the location. Fixed Sizes (4’x4’ to 40x12, max width: 12’)

What makes a brand?

Its Standards and Quality Assurance:

  1. Hydraulic press bending machines
  2. Hydraulic shearing machines
  3. Automatic Edge banding machines
  4. Automated cutting saw machine
  5. Automated door press roller
  1. Arc/MIG welding machines & more
  2. Well trained project team
  3. 90,000+ sq ft campus
  4. Inhouse furniture designing and execution
  5. Inhouse fabrication