The “BUNK HOUSES” are comfortably designed with adequate ventilation and is hygienic and meant for prolonged use. The structural details including the furniture & fitments, is based on our proven experience of similar bunk house in operation all over India & can withstand all the stress and strain of rough handling, lifting, & shifting not only at desired sites but also on rough terrains. These units can be moved / shifted by means of cranes & trucks/trailers. The bunkhouse can withstand a wind load pressure up to 110 km/hr according to the size of bunkhouse unit, and earthquake vibration up to any scale.

Necessary precautions are taken against white ants and termites by effective treatment with suitable chemicals and fire retardant/resistant solution & paint & also necessary anti-corrosive treatment is done prior to painting.

Exterior Bunk House

Bunk House Interior

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