Our bunk units consists of these special features ...

  • Just lift shift & place, connect power. It's ready for use.

  • Jack mounting [can be placed upto 2.5ft above from ground level with help of pin & jack]

  • Self installation [just place your bunk cabin on any kind of ground terrain & pin the jacks as per desired height of bunk house]

  • Wooden skid or cement pre-cast R.C.C. plinth beam not required.

  • 100% earthquake proof & water resistance.

  • Insulation in all inner walls & ceiling

  • Roof cooling system [a unique design by Rishit]

  • Customized design for space management.

  • Can be repaired any time and anywhere in case of damage.

  • Steel always gives good resale value.

Size of Bunkhouse Available

We also provide Services for

Repairs/Refurbish your
old bunk houses.
Furbish of sea containers to
bunk house.

All Bunkhouse are made to Order Only.